Sales Courses

Agri Studies’ sales training programs are designed and offered to dedicated groups from within the same organization.  These programs are tailored to suit the specific needs and unique sales situations of each group and can be offered at preferred dates and locations based on clients’ preferences.   Agri Studies will consult with clients to ensure the desired program will be designed to meet specific learning and development objectives.

Selling to Farm Businesses

Selling to Farm Businesses (SFB) is an intensive two-day course designed for those who work directly with farmers with the goal of developing relationships and providing solutions through their product/service offerings. The main objective of this course is to allow salespeople to think through meaningful strategies designed to create, communicate, and deliver value to the customers and prospects they serve, and then develop skills implement these strategies one-on-one with customers in the field, or at the kitchen table. 

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Creating Customer Specific Value

Creating Customer Specific Value (CCSV) is a follow-up application course to Selling to Farm Businesses.  Participants who have successfully completed SFB are giving an opportunity to work through the development of a real-life customer-focused sales plan.  The goal is to identify a key customer/prospect with whom there is an opportunity to achieve sales growth and then over a period of time and a series of phases, design and implement a sales plan that reinforces the concepts learned in SFB.  Along the way, participants share their experiences through a series of coaching conference calls with other participants and their managers.    Click here for more information

Territory Sales Planning

Territory Sales Planning (TSP) is designed for territory managers, or senior retail salespeople who are responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies within their geographic regions or with specific customer segments.  This course focuses on higher-level issues affecting their market area, competition, and different segments of the market that can/should be targeted for territorial sales growth.  Participants work through the identification of opportunities for their business and develop a plan to achieve territory sales objectives with both personal achievement, and organizational sales and profitability goals in mind.

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Marketing Courses

Agri Studies’ Marketing Seminars for Agribusiness Professionals are open-enrollment programs are offered a set locations and dates throughout the year and are open to anyone within the agribusiness industry.  A typical course will have a number of people representing different companies and industry sectors.  This diversity adds to the learning experience as participants work in groups to share their perspectives and work together to solve marketing problems presented in agribusiness-specific case studies.

Marketing to Farm Businesses

Marketing to Farm Businesses is an intensive three-day course designed for managers responsible for developing and/or implementing marketing programs to farm businesses and/or businesses that sell to farmers.

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Strategic Agri Marketing

Strategic Agri Marketing is an intensive four-day course designed for managers responsible for designing a marketing strategy for their company, or a particular area of the company (product line, brand, division, etc.).  The main focus of this course is the development of strategic marketing thinking. 

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Agri Marketing Application

Agri Marketing Application is an advanced eLearning course which has been developed as the third and final component in CAMA's Certificate in Agri Marketing.  It has been designed for agribusiness professionals who have already completed Marketing to Farm Businesses and Strategic Agri Marketing. Click for more information

Agribusiness Sales and Marketing Courses