For nearly 40 years, Agri Studies has been dedicated to helping agribusiness professionals improve their ability to create value for customers through education, marketing research, and strategic planning.  Founded by Dr. Tom Funk (University of Guelph) Agri Studies is today owned by Justin Funk who has developed and delivered programming to some of North America’s top agricultural companies, spanning all sectors of the industry.  Very few organizations have a better understanding of the agribusiness industry, and specifically how to develop and communicate effective sales and marketing programs and strategies to targeted grower and distribution partner customers.  Agri Studies builds its programs upon solid sales and marketing concepts and proprietary research that has been conducted with growers across the country.

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Canadian Centre for Sales & Marketing

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Justin Funk is the Managing Partner of Agri Studies, Inc., based out of Guelph, ON. Justin brings over  20 years of experience working in the agricultural industry, teaching in both the academic and industry classroom.  He has developed and delivered sales educational programs for numerous agribusiness organizations spanning all areas of the industry.  Justin has taught professional selling in the diploma program in agriculture at the Ontario Agricultural College in addition to senior undergraduate marketing in the Department of Consumer Studies at the University of Guelph. 

Justin has taught in the University of Guelph’s MBA in Agriculture and Hospitality & Tourism Management and currently holds an associated faculty position teaching Executive Development programs at the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University in Indiana.   From 2009 - 2018 he served as the National Chairman for the Canadian Agri Marketing Association (CAMA) and is a founding director of the of the Canadian Agri-Business Education Foundation (CABEF). 

In 2012, Justin was recognized by the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) by receiving the Professional Development Award of Excellence in the field of Public Relations, and was recognized locally as being a member of the City of Guelph’s Distinguished 40 Under 40.  In November of 2019, he was named the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association’s Agri-Marketer of the Year.


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Our Team

Elisha Funk is a partner with Agri Studies and current manages office activities.  With a Bachelor of Education and over 13 years of teaching experience Elisha provides expertise in the area of education administration.

Tom Funk  is the founder of Agri Studies and currently serves as senior consultant.  Tom brings over 50 years of industry experience through academics stemming from his teaching career at the University of Guelph and Purdue University, as well as his 40 years of real-world industry experience in the field of marketing education and market research through Agri Studies.